Black Churches Can Help Solve Problems in Black America

Black Churches Can Help Solve Problems in Black America

In the city of Chicago, there are at least 10,000 faith organizations in Black communities.  Some are mega-churches and some are storefront churches.   What if each Black faith organization in Chicago…better yet, each Black faith organization in America, on every Sunday, after taking up their offering collection, decided to stamp each paper dollar received with a Black Dollar Stamp?

We are not asking these faith organizations to donate even one penny of their collection to anyone.  We are only asking faith organizations to help us to raise the consciousness of Black people about spending Black dollars with Black people by stamping their collection dollars with a message of unity and consciousness.

Here’s the plan: One – Faith organizations should join with The Black Star Project in the “Circulate Black Dollars in Black Communities” and receive a “Black dollar stamp.”  Two – Faith organizations should stamp all of their paper money with this stamp (legal according to Title 18, Section 333 of United States Code and Title 18, Section 475 of United States Code) and deposit or use their dollars as they normally would.  Three – Faith organizations should encourage their congregations to make a conscious effort to spend their Black “stamped” dollars with Black people for at least one year.

Currently, only 2% or about $26 billion of Black America’s $1.3 trillion national income is re-circulated in Black communities.  If faith organizations were willing to help raise consciousness and improve the re-circulation of Black dollars from 2% to 4%, many of the problems in Black communities would be solved by Black people with no help from Washington D.C., state houses, city halls, foundations or corporations.

Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues of all races and ethnicities should contact The Black Star Project at 773.285.9600 or email, or visit to become a member of this movement, The Campaign to Re-Circulate Black Dollars with Black Businesses, Professionals, Contractors, Vendors and Stores.

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