Unfortunately, Old Heads Killing Progress

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By Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

November 1, 2017

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These are some of the saddest and most disappointing Works of Words that I’ve ever had to assemble. I knew this day would come when I had to acknowledge what many have told me but I refused to accept…..because I believed Actually, I’ve witnessed bits and pieces of what I’m gonna reluctantly share with you, but I assumed it was a few individuals who’ve lost their way over the years and have never returned mentally to themselves.

The first time I was privy to see old heads in actions was during Chicago’s Mayoral election in 2014. I saw my respected elders choose sides that were not the right side, in my opinion. It’s their choice to decide who to support and why, but don’t try and persuade the hood to follow your lead, and support who you tell us is the best candidate. It was awful. Friends became enemies, wives and husbands have never realigned themselves, and young ambitious wanna be leaders were misled. Therefore, their judgment and wishful thinking about their elders have been damaged. It was a bad time. It brought out the real colors in most folks. I still feel the burn from that particular election.

Now here we are again, the next Illinois Governor will be selected in 2018, followed by the mayoral election in 2019. But I’m gonna stay on the current Governor’s race and the other political operatives looking for victories in the March primary leading into the general election in November 2018. Let me accurately express how what I’ve seen so far has been sickening. And it’s not the lack of voter participation that’s predicted. It’s not the lack of qualified candidates that we most times see.

It’s about my elders who for some reason have this notion that they know what’s best for their community. The very community that has changed tremendously over the last 20 years and they’ve not changed or grown along with their younger and more progressive peers. Yes, they have wisdom and some scars from past decades of being involved in the process. Cool, we will give them that. They’ve earned our praise. Heck, they’ve even benefitted for their tireless efforts.

We, in my generation and the generation behind mine acknowledge their fight, or as I’ve learned, their disguise of a fight for colored people. Some have been like the spook who sat by the door, but all the time trying to remain the only spook and not bringing back the goods from behind the door. It’s quite sad to see. And this current Governor’s race has demonstrated to me and others that it’s the old head gatekeepers holding back not only my generation from progressing but the entire black community from building real growth.

I will not go too deep into this subject, yet. But believe me, as I continue to see more activity during this Governor’s race from these select old heads, whom I will name, that you can believe, as they use their faded leverage to keep their own position secure with the current crop of primarily white and wealthy candidates and incumbents. These self-righteous candidates also think they know what’s best for Negroes as they attempt to control the future direction of either the state of Illinois and/or Chicago.

What I’ve seen and heard over the past months—and going back to 2014–is so unfortunate. Because these old heads are killing black progress! And believe it or not, they know it! Until the next edition…..Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…

2 thoughts on “Unfortunately, Old Heads Killing Progress

  • I couldn’t agree more, even as my age (51) has me approaching the “old heads” group to which the author speaks. However, I recognize the necessity of the voice of youth and change and work diligently here in NYC to push them forward. Don’t throw all “old heads” away and remain vigilant in the face of those who do no welcome you.

  • I would challenge your accusation on the point your belief that old heads stop progress. In Zimbabwe, a 96 year old man gets accused of the same thing you claim of an old head stopping progress. The real reason for no progress is because young people don’t know how to bring anything into existence. Most only know theory and talk. I am really anxious to see how younger heads measure progress. Or even describe how old heads kill black progress? I don’t think you can do it but hey lets see what you can come up with.

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