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Black-owned and Black Managed-Newspapers

Black-owned and Black-Managed Newspapers Cities on top follow by name of newspapers Akron Reporter (Akron), The Albany Albany – Southwest Georgian Alexandria Alexandria News Weekly Metro Herald Atlanta Atlanta Daily World Atlanta Inquirer Atlanta Tribune (monthly) Atlanta Voice, The Augusta Metro Courier Austin Observer, The (Nokoa) Villager, The Bakersfield Bakersfield News Observer Baltimore Afro –[…]

Tax Proposal New Slavery

Proposed Tax Reform Plan Will Destroy Black America

   Think about the worst racial policies of America.  Chattel slavery.  Jim Crow segregation.  Apartheid.  Share-cropping.  Mass incarceration.  Ethnic cleansing.  Education, housing and economic discrimination.  Wealth gaps and health gaps.  Now think of a way to re-institute the best elements of all these putrid ideas and you have the 2017-2018 proposed Tax Reform Plan! The[…]

MacArthur Grant Making by Race (2)

Grants Made in Chicago by MacArthur Foundation in 2015

MacArthur Foundation Chicago Grantee Organizations in 2015 Name of Organization Year Granted Grant amount Topic Location Race of Community Served 137 Films 2015 $5,000.00 Arts and Culture Central White 3Arts Inc. 2015 $25,000.00 Arts and Culture Central White A Red Orchid Theatre 2015 $200,000.00 Arts and Culture Central White About Face Theatre 2015 $40,000.00 Arts[…]

MacArthur Benefit Chicago

MacArthur Foundation is ducking on Chicago’s most crucial issues

OPINION MacArthur Foundation is ducking on Chicago’s most crucial issues By: PHILLIP JACKSON Photo by Getty Images The heads of foundations think they’re gods. And they can never understand why people, who are economically subjugated by their grant-making, would complain about their treatment by the Foundation Gods. At my organization, the Black Star Project, we[…]

MacArthru Redlining

MacArthur Foundation’s Redlining Practices Help Decimate Black Chicago

MacArthur Awards One-Tenth of 1% of its Grants to Black Organizations in Chicago Redlining is the practice of denying capital or critical services to targeted communities based on race or ethnic makeup.  Redlining in banking is illegal.  Redlining in insurance is illegal.  Redlining in real estate is illegal.  Redlining in healthcare is illegal.  Redlining in[…]