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Covenant between Black Consumers and Black Businesses

For Black consumers: Strive to shop with Black businesses first. You may shop with other companies, but try to shop with Black businesses, professionals, contractors, vendors and stores, or use Black directories and Black business lists first. Treat all companies that you shop with respect, especially small Black businesses. Be respectful in the establishment, with the[…]

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Black Churches Can Help Solve Problems in Black America

Black Churches Can Help Solve Problems in Black America In the city of Chicago, there are at least 10,000 faith organizations in Black communities.  Some are mega-churches and some are storefront churches.   What if each Black faith organization in Chicago…better yet, each Black faith organization in America, on every Sunday, after taking up their offering[…]

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Celebrate Black History Month by Circulating Black Dollars in Black Communities

Celebrate Black History Month by Circulating Black Dollars in Black Communities By Phillip Jackson Once and for all, let’s get this straight.  America has gotten out of the Black people business!  No help is coming from Washington, D.C.  No help is coming from state government.  No significant help is coming from city and county municipal governments.[…]

Tax Proposal New Slavery

Proposed Tax Reform Plan Will Destroy Black America

   Think about the worst racial policies of America.  Chattel slavery.  Jim Crow segregation.  Apartheid.  Share-cropping.  Mass incarceration.  Ethnic cleansing.  Education, housing and economic discrimination.  Wealth gaps and health gaps.  Now think of a way to re-institute the best elements of all these putrid ideas and you have the 2017-2018 proposed Tax Reform Plan! The[…]

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Cities Participating in the 2017 Million Father March

Aberdeen, Maryland Fort Gaines, Georgia Oxon Hill, Maryland Alamo, Texas Fort Lauderdale, Florida Pacoima, California Arleta, California Fort Worth, Texas Palm Harbor, Florida Arlington, Texas Frankfort, Kentucky Pasadena, Texas Ashland, Oregon Fresh Meadows , New York Pascagoula, Mississippi Atlanta, Georgia Fresh Meadows, NY Pembroke Park, Florida Augusta, Georgia Fresno, California Peoria, Illinois Austin, Texas Fuquay[…]


Organizations Participating in 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mentor Weekend

Organizations Participating in 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mentor Weekend – 12.27.2016 1968 East Chicago Indiana 100 Black Men of Metro New Orleans New Orleans Louisiana Abraham Lincoln High School Jersey City New Jersey Antioch Dempsey Baptist Church Eastman Georgia APP Business Solutions Harrisburg Pennsylvania Athletics & Beyond Aurora Colorado Atlanta CARES Atlanta Georgia[…]

Black Aesthetic, White Supremacy: Steve Perry’s Tweet Needs Cutting More Than Black Boys’ Hair

Black People know We Are In trouble when we turn our children over to men like Steve ” I don’t give a damn about slavery” Harvey, Sean Puffy Combs and Steve Perry to educate and mentor our young Black boys. The notion that traditionally black hairstyles are synonymous with being unsuccessful speaks directly to the[…]

Boyse Edwards

Musician, West Side activist and Friend of Black Star, Boyse Edwards dead at 67

By Maureen O’Donnell May 28, 2016 When he was onstage with the musical group Gentlemen of Leisure, Boyse Edwards was a turbanned, tuxedoed, cowbell-ringing, tambourine-banging band director, setting off pyrotechnics to keep the party pumping. He was trained by the legendary James “Major” Adams, who helped establish the Henry Horner Boys & Girls Club, which offered music lessons[…]